Steve Rudkin Electrical Contractors in Stamford

Industrial Electrical Services

Industrial electrician services in and around Stamford

We carry out all different types and sizes of industrial electrical installations in both the local area and nationwide, from agricultural, church and factory installations to workshops and industrial units.

Lighting and Power

A broad range of lighting systems and products, including the latest internal and external energy efficient lighting systems, with LED technology. High-level factory lighting, internal and external flood lighting, trunking, conduit, cable tray and mineral insulated cable systems and full emergency lighting systems.

Heating and Ventilation

Quartz ray radiant heating, air curtains, industrial fan heaters, air warmers, flameproof heaters and ducted warm air systems. Extraction fans, cooling sweep fans and air coolers. Also, where required, we can arrange for the design and installation of large industrial air conditioning extractor systems. 

Security and Fire

Indoor/outdoor security lighting, intruder alarms, smoke detectors, full fire alarm systems and access control.
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